Monday, March 3, 2008

Facebook website.

Ok, so blogspot is being really difficult about letting me post pictures. therefore i will give you the link to my facebook account. we have a few pics there. i am also trying to figure out Kodak Gallery so then you can log on and look at our pics any time you want.

Also with help from my little sister in California we made KSL 6 and 10pm news on the 29th. Here is the link:

Yep that is my kid. They mic'd him up to get some audio of his cute wimper while he slept but they never used it.

So today is tuesday the 3rd. Its kind of funny. before you leave the hospital a nurse spends a few minutes going over stuff. Then towards the end tells us not to take him outside very often. Well we had to go have blood drawn today and then a doctor's appointment tomorrow. so that rule has gone out the window

This morning which kind of links to last night because it was our first day home with Jackson, has been good. He was up alot last night and to be honest amy said he slept but i couldnt tell the difference. It seemed like every time we got him quiet and i put my head down he was back at it crying. but amy did say i slept....which means she didnt. But she is still hot and i love her.

Jackson really doesnt cry. He squeels and yells more than anything. it was cute in the hospital but not a whole lot now:) one story about crying. So Amy hands him off to me. I am holding him and in about 10 minutes he starts to cry. well the cry turned into angry screaming and and so i figured she knew what was wrong. On the HANDOFF, not 2 minutes after she started holding him, but on the handoff he stopped crying. i guees incubating inside his mom for 9 months he knew her touch right away.

Alot of people have asked me how diaper duty is going. Well, right now when it is my turn to change him, amy is involved. It also takes me 20-25 more wipes then it does amy jo. She is so hot.

Well, go check out my webpage. better pics and i can post more more often and it is alot easier. then i will blog every once in a while about stuff.

WE are VERY grateful for everyone who has visited, offered help and offered their advice. Even if none of it worked(Aunt Michelle:) We are grateful for your love and support. We are even more thankful to have our little boy. After getting to watch the birth, Jackson really is a miracle. I am so lucky and fortunate to have Amy jo and it is remarkable to see her as a mother. I love her more and more every day. Thanks again to all of you. I will write more soo=